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Chocolate Mousse


Hosted by Chef Anja Lee & other Esteemed Chefs 

Straight from Chef Anja Lee's cookbook (now found in Whole Foods!), learn this wholesome and scrumptious dark chocolate mousse recipe that you can indulge in at-will, because it makes you feel good! This recipe is gluten free and dairy free, but FULL of flavor! Everyone will enjoy making this simple recipe - easy for novices in the kitchen, but also exciting for the avid Chef. 

*These kits are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan. All kits are eco-friendly, with packaging being recyclable, as well as 80% compostable and biodegradable.

45-60 minute class 

(minimum of 12 people)


  • Private Class Instruction via Zoom
  • Chocolate Mousse Kits (all necessary ingredients included; makes 4 servings)
  • Kits will be delivered to everyones' doorsteps! 

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A Few Side Notes:

- Perfect for Team Building Events as well as Corporate Gifting/Events!

- We are happy to work with you to plan any large or small event you are hosting, including shipping gifts to 500-1000 people for virtual conferences and customizing our events to suit your needs.

- We ship kits all over the USA - from San Francisco to Los Angeles, to New York, to Texas, to New Jersey, you name it!

- All Class Instruction fees require a minimum of 10 people (although, if you have the budget to pay our minimum, we are happy to teach groups of less than 10 people.) 

- There is no maximum for class instruction! We are happy to host events for 500, or even 1000 attendees!

- Class kits & gift kits have no minimum, feel free to send them to a good friend or hard-working colleague!

- There is a Flat Fee rate available for classes with over 50 people; please reach out to to book classes of 50 or more.

- FOR ALL CLASSES THAT INCLUDE WINE: Wine is invoiced and shipped separately (we can sometimes ship the wine together with the food kits upon request).

- All kits are 100% eco-friendly and recyclable, and 80% compostable and biodegradable. They are shipped with compostable, recycled, and recyclable platters and packaging. 

- All ingredients are organic and top quality whenever possible. A healthy environment and a healthy you are our top priority!

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